About Us

Nordic Clean Pumps


Nordic Clean Pumps AS is a company that has sprung from Haugesund Marine Service, Havnebunker and NPSH

And started with the development of new products in water treatment after many years of experience from customers in the aquaculture industry and knowledge of their challenges. NCP is built by three main characters with a total of almost 100 years of experience in the pump, oil and maritime sector.

We quickly became the World wide partner for the aqua-products from the Oddesse factory in Germany, and deliver their entire product range today.

Nordic Fish Control

Nordic Fish Control is a newly established company that brings together talented individuals from different companies to work together towards a common goal. The company is the result of a visionary effort to create a dynamic and innovative organization that leverages the expertise of its employees to provide superior services to its customers.

The diverse backgrounds and experiences of the employees of Nordic Fish Control make the company a melting pot of ideas and perspectives, which in turn leads to creative solutions and a commitment to excellence. With a clear mission and a dedicated team, Nordic Fish Control is poised to make a significant impact in its industry and beyond.

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