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Complete pump systems

Nordic Clean Pumps have collaborated on a pump together with Oddesse in Germany. Our pumps and technology allows us to transform the industry. The technology is proven in several projects, and we think it might be a good fit for your next one.

Three Odesse UPL 300 pumps in line.

Pumped on the pumps

Odesse – High efficiency permanent magnet-synchronous-propeller pump

Propeller pumps are suitable for delivering of clean or slightly dirty water with a maximum sand content of 50 mg/l and water temperatures < 50 °C.




  • Irrigation and draining of agriculture areas
  • Regulation of water levels (land reclamation pumps and dyke draining pumps)
  • Circulating pumps in purification plant
  • Enhancement of oxygen in waters for breeding of fish
  • Dewatering of caves and security shafts
  • Watering and draining of sluices and floating docks
  • Trimming of ships and ferries
Odesse product details


Stian is ready and pumped to help you with your next project!

We can help you find the best fit for your project and help you get that green edge your company needs to succeed!

Stian Knutsen Jordbrekk

Purchase Manager

+47 959 84 547