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Side-Flow water treatment system

Development, production and integration of complete Side-Flow water treatment systems. Reuse of water, cleaning of water and supreme energy efficiency.

Video of the side-flow water treatment system

The Side-Flow system design

3/4 reuse of water and treated water without the use of biofilter – a Semi Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS). The system increases the fish health and contributes to a high growth rate, very low death rate and high quality water in tank.

In the tank on the image, the fish has been swimming for 6 months – you can see how clean the water is when the tank is emptied!

The fish have an extremly clean tank after swimming around for 6 months

Outstanding performance

0 %

Reuse of water per hour

0 ml/l

CO2 avergage in tank

0 kg/m³

Biomass in tank

Water Aeration Solution

Our water aeration solution is an integrated part of the Side-Flow system. Aeration of the water is crucial for clean water and healty fish.

More oxygen – more healty fish!

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