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We know aquaculture and love water

Design, development and production of complete water aeration solutions and pump systems.

Energy back to life

We are green and we can help you get there as well!

Wether you need a complete solution that solves all your problems or just a component to make your operations run smoothly, we can fix it.

First Water

Innovative aqua culture solutions for land based fish farming project Landeldi on Iceland

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First Water project

Pumped on the pumps

We are nordic, we are clean and we love pumps!

More than a lifetime of experience in operation, service and development of technical systems in the maritime sector. We are few but mighty! Our expertise is second to none in the industry and we can solve a wide array of technical challenges across your entire operation. We love what we do and have fun doing it.


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The founders of Nordic Clean Pumps

Stian is pumped and ready to help you with your next project!

We can help you find the best fit for your project and help you get that green edge your company needs to succeed!

Stian Knutsen Jordbrekk

Purchase Manager

+47 959 84 547